see ya


dropping drusilla and edmund and alex and guy. yes you heard me, guy. :/

(just kidding about the guy thing, actually.)

have no fear, chela's here~!

So. I've finally broken down and joined the game. It took me a while, but CHELA HAS FINALLY JOINED YOUR MIDST YAY. I've brought in Prince Albert, in the former of the swimming extraordinare Albert Gotha. He teaches swim classes and goes to Windsor and is awkward but still friendly. He has also already broken poor Victor's heart. So play with him, will you?

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so!! i am dropping julian, chanta, and johnny, and taking up a new boy - his name is ceza and he is cute, you should scene with him. i am attempting to cut my character lists down to absolute favorites. which is tricky, since i love all my bbs.


Dropping: Adam (Tutankhamen), Lancelot, and possibly Napoleon.

School's starting and I never use them blah blah blah no one really cares. They're being dropped. Kay.

oh hey look it's a crazy bitch

Liz here with a new character! Mary Tudor, later Queen Mary I and lovingly nicknamed "Bloody Mary." She fears subterfuge and anyone who doesn't love and adore the Pope. Also she wants to eat Grey's face. Bwahaha. You wanted some meanies from me, you got 'em.