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Aug. 28th, 2008



As played by Ama.

Also if anyone knows where I can find some good Daniel Craig icons I would be very very thankful.

see ya


dropping drusilla and edmund and alex and guy. yes you heard me, guy. :/

(just kidding about the guy thing, actually.)

have no fear, chela's here~!

So. I've finally broken down and joined the game. It took me a while, but CHELA HAS FINALLY JOINED YOUR MIDST YAY. I've brought in Prince Albert, in the former of the swimming extraordinare Albert Gotha. He teaches swim classes and goes to Windsor and is awkward but still friendly. He has also already broken poor Victor's heart. So play with him, will you?
so!! i am dropping julian, chanta, and johnny, and taking up a new boy - his name is ceza and he is cute, you should scene with him. i am attempting to cut my character lists down to absolute favorites. which is tricky, since i love all my bbs.


Dropping: Adam (Tutankhamen), Lancelot, and possibly Napoleon.

School's starting and I never use them blah blah blah no one really cares. They're being dropped. Kay.

oh hey look it's a crazy bitch

Liz here with a new character! Mary Tudor, later Queen Mary I and lovingly nicknamed "Bloody Mary." She fears subterfuge and anyone who doesn't love and adore the Pope. Also she wants to eat Grey's face. Bwahaha. You wanted some meanies from me, you got 'em.

Jul. 19th, 2008

Edward says, "What the EFF my boyfriends are SO WEIRD."

character droppage

i am hereby thusly dropping alec, because... hey, i never play him.

so let it be written, so let it be done. 

new character!

hello hello. brenda here, bringing in a new character-- henry ireland (the artist formerly known as henry viii). find him here at defendingfaith 

he's a rockstar. no, frlz.

some updatey type things

Okay, so, Victoria wasn't working out, so Liz's new mod journal is going to be Spencer's journal, lying_inwait. I've dropped Victoria in favor of Marie Antoinette. (La Pauvre! Sigh.) I'm in love with her PB. You can check her out at diamantdauphine.

Have a nice day!

~friend add

sous le cut!Collapse )

Copy and paste into admin console. Yay! Instant friends!


and now a message from our sponsors

Hello, my lovelies! Just wanted to update you on the new characters we've gotten in the last few weeks that I've been too lazy to... update about. So here's a list for you:

Prince Medraut (Mordred) of Arthurian legend, called May Malagant (camlaan)

Morgan le Fay, witch-lady of Arthurian Legend, called Gunn Malory (bandraoi_boy)

Kaspar Hauser, once thought the heir to the house of Baden (thelostheir)
Queen Nefertiti, known throughout Egypt for her beauty and monotheistic religion, called Nesia Paramessu (ladyofthelands)

King Tutankhamen, one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, called Adam Kinney (goldenscepter)

King Arthur, king of the Britons and head of the Round Table, called Arthur Stone (swordinstone)
Guy of Gisbourne, supporter of the Sheriff of Nottingham and enemy to Robin Hood, called Guy Gisbourne (doingdirtywork)

Robin Hood, hero of many English tales, called Robbie Sherwood (robbingtherich)

Will Scarlet, best friend and brains of the operation for Robin Hood (battleofwill)


Idk when I'll be back.


He goes by Adam Kinney, and is generally v. attractive.


Everyone can ignore doingdirtywork. I forgot he was Not Real. D:

So yes. My bad, heh. ♥

EDIT. I MEAN JUST KIDDING AGAIN. Apparently there may have been a Guy of Gisbourne. What do y'all think?

new characters!

Hello, my lovelies.

So apparently I've been on Planet Naptime for the last few days and we got like, a gazillion new characters I didn't know about. And by a gazillion I mean like, two. I'm a whore for hyperbole; you guys know this already. Exaggeration is the name of the game.

So Cristal is freaking out the Romanov girls (WE STILL NEED AN OLGA SOMEONE SUCK IT UP AND GET ONE PLZ) with her new character, Grigory Efimovitch, lovingly (NOOOT) referred to as Rasputin back in the day. Now he's Mexican and his name is Gervasio Novy, and you can check him out at fromgodimsent.

Lena also brings us another character (how many is it now?), Edward the Confessor, who is now a school counselor. His PB is uber smexy and you can look him up at confessin.

And Amanda has another girl, the fabulous Queen Isabella who has the most gorgeous PB ever (♥ Doutzen). She is bffls with Victoria and her brother is Victoria's boss. Anyway, she's crazyawesome and you should take a peek at her journal, infantacastile.

ALSO, if you guys didn't notice, Brenda (!!) joined us with one Alexander the Great, our favorite Grecian manipulator. He is lovely (PAOLO!) and you should look at him: alexandroslll.

Personally, I'm PSYCHED to play with all of them and you should be, too. So go. Play. DO IT NOW.


Simply fill in the required information, then respond to this entry! Afterwards, copy the information into your characters' journal in an entry. All comments are screened.

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